Blake Psychotherapy & Associates

Serenity (Reni) Blake, D.O.G.

Look for "wise words from Reni" on our facebook page!

Hi! My name is Serenity Blake. I am a 4.5 year old pomeranian, but I am full of wisdom. My current degree, D.O.G. (Doctor of Growling), was obtained from the All Licks School Of Dog Psychology in Yorkville, NY. I joined Blake Psychotherapy & Associates, back when it was still Sarah Blake Psychotherapy and I was a mere pup of 8 weeks.  At that time I brought smiles to the practice, and not much more. Just as the practice has changed, I have changed along with it.

Do not let all the cute pictures fool you. I come to the office to work. Don't show up without an appointment, as I am a very good watch dog and I have been known to bark a time or two. However, I am not just here to bark at people! I am here to spread my wisdom. Slow down, play more, rest whenever necessary, comfort those who are sad.... I love my job, and I would love you, too! Honestly... I love pretty much everyone....It is just the way I am. 

I pretty much hang out in Sarah Blake's office, when I am not greeting people at the door. If you need me for your session, and you are not a patient of Ms. Blake's, I am sure we can work something out... I will put a good word in for you with your therapist!!