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Our Services

At Blake Psychotherapy, there is always hope for healing, peace, recovery, and opportunity to reach where you want to go on your journey.

Services Offered --

Individual therapy - Whatever you struggle with, individual therapy is the best gift you can give yourself. Where else can you spend 45-50 minute talking just about yourself? Individual therapy with one of our licensed therapists tallows you to work through your current issues using a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques, in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Couples counseling - Are you tired of fighting or unhappy because you feel your partner doesn't hear what you are saying when talk to him or her? Couples counseling provides a safe space with a neutral party to find new ways to communicate, figure out ways to get beyond the things that have gotten you stuck and enhance your relationship.

Family therapy - Whether you are dealing with an issue with one of your children or find the whole family is in an uproar, family therapy can help you to work together as a family and discover new solutions for the things that have been getting in your way of having wonderful family time together.

Holistic Health Consultation & Nutrition Counseling - If you are tired of feeling tired and poorly, session with our Nutrition/Holistic Health provider may be just the thing to bring you back to health. These appointments work on the things that ail you, but in an entirely different way - instead of working just with your brain, these sessions help you determine things that you can do to feel better from the inside out. 

Coming soon! Group Therapy - If you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or addictions, group therapy can provide you with other people to talk this through with and to practice new ways of coping with. Check back for our list of groups coming in 2016!

Each therapist at Blake Psychotherapy has their own specialties. Between the three of us, we have over 55 years of therapy experience and can handle most anything you may walk in the door with. An example of how each therapist is different:

Dr. Sharon Cannon specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders, eating disorders, family therapy and life transitions.

Stacey Rempert, LCSW-C specializes in anxiety, addictions, self harming behaviors and trauma.

Sarah Blake, LCSW has spent her career working with women's issues, eating disorders, emotion disregulation, and personality disorders.

Things you can expect:
-- Compassion, understanding and respect
-- Real strategies and coping skills to help create   change
-- Empirically based techniques & practical suggestions
-- New perspective to help highlight patterns in need of change