Blake Psychotherapy & Associates

Yevgeniya Libkhen, MS, CNS, LDN
Licensed Dietician Nutritionist
Holistic Health Consultant

My Name is Yevgenia Libkhen (a.k.a. Jenny) and I am a licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN) and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). My goal is to help you feel great. I will guide you through the jungle of labels and ingredients; I will inspire you to commit to a healthier lifestyle; I will show you that it is possible to have a relationship with food that is delicious  easy and enjoyable. Whether you are looking to recover from a health condition, want more energy and less stress; whether you are in great shape and just want to stay on top of thing, or you have decided to start a whole new life and need someone to hold your hand each step of the way, I am here for you!

  I started out on my road to health and wellness a long time ago. Small changes seemed insignificant at the time. For example, I decided to stop taking a pain reliever for a headache and rubbed my temples with peppermint oil and brewed rosemary tea instead. I committed to buying and using only whole grains and whole grain products. I made a conscious effort to allow myself extra time to walk rather than drive. Over the years these and many other changes have accumulated into a whole new lifestyle. I started perceiving the world and myself differently. I found balance and harmony in my life. I also realized that health and wellness is my passion and it is a journey without a final destination. Each and every step elevates one to a new level of health and well-being; and moving forward does not diminish previous accomplishments in any way. There is no greater prize ahead, because in the journey to health each step and each pause is rewarded.


  I wanted to share my experience and my vision with others. That is how my passion evolved into a career. Becoming a holistic health consultant enabled me to help my clients at every step of the way. Whether it is to invite them on the journey to health, to advice on a specific subject, or to ease their hardship (no one said it was easy to change old habits). I help my clients reclaim their health and improve it. Through personalized counseling, education in different dietary approaches, the use of herbs, and other healing modalities I am able to help you put together a road map to YOUR journey. Such individualistic approach guarantees improvement. I help you find what works for you - my client, not what helps a certain condition. I work with you and your entire being, your body, mind, and spirit, not a list of medical diagnoses. We have a right to health! Imbalance in our body, whether caused by stress, illness, or poor nutrition takes us further away from health. I am here to help you learn how to turn that around and take steps in the right direction.


Be well!

I am looking forward to working with you!